JC_icon2Due to my long experience as a makeup artist I can guarantee your SPMU will suit your face and colouring.
I’m extremely artistic and I work because I love making a difference to people’s lives…this gives me the edge over technicians who just do it for the money.
I put your safety first, ensuring my materials, needles and work space are clean and sterile.
I care about my customers and want their experience to be positive and truly empowering .
I listen to my customers and treat each one with sincerity and respect.
I take time for my customers, I never rush.
Being 50, I understand the realities of living with aging skin and the difficulties of knowing what suits us when we get older.
I understand a lot of the issues my clients have, having experienced and overcome them myself.
I understand the dramatic effect an improved appearance can have on one’s life and the inner strength and self esteem it can create.


mob: 07701 011 983    ||   email: mail@jessica-courtney.co.uk