Semi permanent makeup (SPMU) otherwise known as Cosmetic Tattooing or Micro –pigmentation, is the technique of implanting pigment into the dermal layer of the skin in place of makeup.
There are lots of reasons to have SPMU:
      •  loss of brows due to age, chemotherapy, alopecia
      •  lack of time
      •  poor eyesight
      •  unsteady hands
…to name but a few.
SPMU can be wonderfully empowering when done well and save you money and time not to mention be totally liberating for those who have to draw on brows daily. No more smudging or rubbing off!
It is important to have a consultation before your procedure. This gives us the opportunity to discuss every detail, decide on the desired outcome and you can relay any concerns or questions you have. It is extremely important to me that you feel confident and comfortable before we start and I will do every thing I can to put you at ease.
I am fully trained and licensed to carry out SPMU and use a state of the art machine that is designed differently from traditional tattoo machines.
We use sterile, one-use needle cartridges that ensure that the highest standards in health and safety can be maintained.
The needles we use are also far, far finer than those used in traditional tattooing and our pigments undergo stringent tests to ensure they contain no known allergens.


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