photo session


If you are getting your face done, why not add on a fantastic photo session to remember the day forever?

I spent years and years working with photographers and it rubbed off on me as I LOVE taking pictures of people and I have had some great sessions with some of my clients. It can be very empowering too as often women start to undervalue themselves as the get older and it can be a wonderful way of showing someone ‘they’ve still got it!’ Some photo sessions are given as gifts in combination with a makeup therapy and it warms my heart when this happens as I know that the lady concerned is obviously very loved and her friends/family want her to feel beautiful. That’s lovely…and she will!
Usually people are totally amazed at how attractive they can look…but everyone can. Even if you are really shy…you needn’t be as its just you and I and I will tell you exactly what to do…no ‘model’ posing or anything…its really easy…and fun!!
Afterwards I will choose 5 photos (the most flattering) and give them to you in high resolution for you to print out and in low resolution for you to use on social media etc. I love seeing photos I have taken of people being used as profile pictures and there is always a dozen or so in my immediate friends.


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