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This therapy is a lovely one-to-one hour of make up and talking where I will show you a more vibrant, polished version of yourself. No scary makeover, just a better, fresher, younger looking you. You…re-discovered.



Makeup therapy is perfect for someone who feels they have ‘lost their identity’ through many different ways…here are a few examples:

Self neglect – women tend to take care of everyone else and neglect themselves and burn out eventually

Age. Reaching middle age can be very difficult for some women, especially those who enjoyed being very attractive in their youth. Sometimes we get to a point that what used to make us look good when we were young just looks ridiculous or old fashioned.

Children. Being at home for years and years with children (or as a carer) you can lose touch with who you are.

Divorce. Suddenly finding yourself single after years of being a ‘couple’ can be scary and unsettling. This is the perfect time to re-invent yourself.

Illness. Illness can be life changing. Whether physical or mental, to survive chronic illness can leave people fragile and vulnerable. A makeup therapy can help boost self-esteem and aid healing.

Cosmetic surgery. Although a fantastic tool in staying young looking, its sometimes tricky how to makeup your new features after surgery and make the most of the new you. An hour with me can give you new confidence to get the most out of your cosmetic work and show you how to eradicate the evidence of any scarring.

Discolouration/Portwine stains. Basically any sort of unattractive blemishes/scars/marks can be greatly improved with professional products creating an exciting solution for some people and greater peace of mind.

It is a very relaxing experience, just sitting, chatting and being pampered.

When I am finished there’s a reveal and lots of tips and tricks on how to recreate the look and what kit you’ll need. This is not a lesson however, that must be booked separately.

I usually take a before and after photo for my records but do offer a photo session in conjunction with the makeup therapy that is very popular ( and makes a super gift) which gives a lovely set of 5 photos that can be printed out or used for social media etc.This is something that’s really grown over the last 10 years.

The thoughts and beliefs behind it have always been there, but it’s only since working with ‘regular’ people that it has become more tangible.

I do remember the first time I expressed my beliefs and feelings about the therapeutic value of makeup though and it was in Germany around 1996-ish when I was working on a TV commercial with another MUA.

She asked why on earth I was wearing makeup myself when all we do is paint faces all day? How could I be bothered?!

I replied to her that those 10 minutes I dedicate to myself every morning were my precious moments…a pause in time for a bit of self-love and grooming, a short moment to say ‘I love you’ to myself before the stress of life took over.

She said she’d never thought of it like that and was surprised by my answer. A year later I bumped into her again and she looked amazing! She came over to me and thanked me and told me what I had said to her had changed her life.

She now takes those moments for herself and finds she is less stressed and more balanced – not to mention more attractive. One of many a true story and I suppose the birth of the concept of my makeup therapy.


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