photo session


This is where you tell me how you want to look, and I do it!

You can be as glamorous or natural as you want, as bold as you dare or just drop dead gorgeous. You will be amazed and excited at how fabulous you can look and with a professional ‘polish’ that you will LOVE.

This is what I did for years and years and years for celebs and the privileged and I’m not lying when I say it’s even more satisfying working on ‘regular’ people because their reaction is always amazing! It makes me glad that having my son and moving to Brighton showed me what a difference I can make to peoples lives as the rich and famous expect the very best, but regular people get blown away and really appreciate it!

So treat yourself, test me out and you’ll see that getting your face done by a real professional is very different from someone doing it at a makeup counter. Feel confident, feel beautiful, get the best.


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