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This procedure can be wonderful for those with thin lips, uneven lips or those lacking definition.
It’s also great for older ladies as we tend to lose colour in our faces when we get older and a lovely fresh lip blush can take years off you.
It’s also just nice to be free of the hassle and mess of lipstick!
This can be a great substitute to fillers and other cosmetic procedures for creating a lovely full lip look.
When first done, the lips are lightly swollen for a day or so and the colour is very intense.
However, the colour changes within one week (loses up to 70% of the intensity!) and becomes very soft during the healing process. It actually only shows its true colour after 2- 3 months.
As with the other procedures we use a topical anesthetic to ease discomfort.
What happens after my procedure?
Your lips will be a little swollen for a day or so after your procedure and after a few days the top layer of skin will shed revealing a softer colour underneath.


IMPORTANT: If you are considering a SPMU lip procedure and you suffer from cold sores or the Herpe Simplex virus, a visit to the GP is a must with the request for preventative Zovirax tablets (or equivalent) as the procedure will most likely cause an out-break otherwise which could interfere with the healing of your procedure.


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