Who is SPMU suitable for?

Pretty much anyone can have Semi permanent makeup although you have to be over 18 and not pregnant or breast feeding.
Some medical conditions will also make some people unsuitable but we will discuss everything at your consultation.

How long does it take?

With the application of a topical anesthetic, you should expect the procedure to take up to 1 ½ hours.

How long will it last?

SPMU can last several years but there is no guarantee and it varies from person to person. Skin type, age, sun exposure and lifestyle can influence its longevity and appearance. However with a top up every 9 – 18 months, you can keep your SPMU looking vibrant and fresh.

Does it hurt?

I apply a topical anesthetic prior to treatment to minimise discomfort. Your comfort is important to me and I will make sure you are relaxed and reassured throughout.

How do I care for my new SPMU?

I will explain the proper aftercare to you and give you written instructions and an aftercare cream to take home. These instructions must be strictly adhered to to ensure you don’t interfere with the healing process or unknowingly cause an infection. It is your responsibility to care for your new SPMU once you return from your procedure and I cannot be held responsible for poor results due to the disregard of the aftercare instructions.

Disclaimer: It is to be remembered that SPMU is a procedure and not an exact science. There are no guarantees as to colour, colour retention or the body’s potential reaction to the procedure (allergy, scarring).


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