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Semi permanent eyeliner is a great procedure.
It’s the perfect solution for busy or sporty people, alopecia patients, people with poor eyesight or those living with disabilities. Additionally, it benefits those with allergies to conventional make-up and will never smear or run, even through watery eyes, sleep, perspiration or other environmental factors such as hot or cold weather.
There are also varying ways to do your eyeliner…classic black or a colour, natural ‘lash enhancement’ or a thick Latino liner with a flick !
The choice is yours, but I do aim to give you larger looking, truly emphasised eyes and thicker, gorgeous lashes.
As with all procedures, we discuss your concerns and wishes at your consultation so you are completely at ease.
Again, a topical anesthetic is used to ease the discomfort.
What happens after my procedure?
It is totally normal and to be expected that your eyes be a little swollen and sore (mostly only in the morning) for a few days after the procedure and eye makeup shouldn’t be worn for a while so this is best taken into consideration when planning your social life.


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