Semi Permanent brows can be life changing.
No more pencil, no more rubbing off or smudging after the gym/swimming or just relaxing!
It’s wonderful…and I know because I tattooed my own brows as soon as I qualified!
There are different looks you can have with brows and we discuss the options and what will suit you best at your consultation. We also discuss shape and colour and draw them on before we start so there are NO surprises!
You are totally involved in the procedure.
I use a topical anesthetic on the area so discomfort is minimal.
The best-known type of brow is the ‘hairstroke brow’. This has recently been updated to the NANO brow, so called as we use a needle called the NANO needle, which is the finest needle yet. When properly trained (which I am) the results achieved with the NANO needle are superb and very natural looking.
The other type of brow I like is the powder brow, which is soft but filled in as if done with an eye shadow. It’s very pretty and also looks quite natural. This is the style of brow I have.
Other styles come and go due to fashion and we can discuss all your needs and wishes at your consultation.
What happens after my procedure?
Directly after your procedure, the area may ‘smart’ a bit but discomfort is minimal. You will be given full aftercare instructions so you know exactly how to care for your lovely new brows .
Freshly tattooed brows tend to be much darker than the healed results when the ink becomes ‘encapsuled’ in the skin, but the colour starts softening to its healed shade after a week or so when the top layer of skin is shed.
It is best to avoid water/sun during the first week-10 days so it’s best to plan your procedure well before your holidays.


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