photo session


Imagine your big day, and you look so beautiful, you never want it to end. This could be your day!

Don’t take any chances with your bridal makeup…its too important to just go with the cheapest. Your face will be the focal point of the whole day…and on every wonderful photo…forever! Be the most beautiful you ever…the picture perfect bride. Radiant, confident, beautiful…it can be yours.

Over the years I’ve done a lot of bridal makeups, in fact I’ve been flown half way across the world several times for the weddings of some of my clients. Some clients are happy with the initial makeup in the morning, but some have liked me to stay at the wedding for ‘repairs’ and a re-touch before photos…then a freshen up , help with dressing and a new look for the evening.

The choice is entirely yours but what ever my involvement, you can be sure I am discreet, punctual and reliable…always.


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