I have spent the last 30 years improving people’s appearance both in the world of celebrity and in real life.

As a freelance makeup artist in the music industry, I traveled the world with my clients and only perfection was good enough.

On becoming a mum I slowed right down, stopped travelling and started working with ‘real’ women who were often going through difficult phases in their lives.

By helping them find a new look, a new identity or just putting them back in touch with their femininity, they found inner strength and joy and I realised I was making a real difference to their lives and I’ve never looked back!

I then decided it was important to give my clients a more permanent solution to their problems as I couldn’t be there every morning to draw on their brows (although lots and lots of them asked me to!)… so I trained in Semi Permanent Makeup so they can enjoy looking their best on a day-to-day basis.

Due to my long experience and training I can give you the assurance that your semi-permanent makeup with follow the same principles of facial symmetry and balance used by top experienced makeup artists.

I received my SPMU training with the highly recognised ‘Finishing Touches Group’ and continue to stay up-to-date in new techniques attending workshops and seminars. I am fully licensed by Brighton & Hove Council and work from my lovely Therapy Room at Toni & Guy in Brighton.

I’m delighted to say I will be offering the full range of my services at the wonderful ‘Karidis’ Clinic in London (from the famous cosmetic surgeon Alex Karidis) from October 2016.

I truly love being a woman and I love helping other women find their true potential.


mob: 07701 011 983    ||   email: mail@jessica-courtney.co.uk